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Charles Jones II

Charles is a television producer who produces live shows and other productions via his wholly owned and controlled company, Charles Jones II Enterprises LLC, since 1997.  Charles’ main client throughout the period has been the Walt Disney Company in its live entertainment division.  In 2007 he was the managing producer of the Opening Ceremonies for the Tournament of the Roses Parade seen by millions internationally.  Formerly an entertainment reporter for PBS television, Charles served as a college music professor at Oklahoma City University, where he met the Company’s other Managers on the Opening Night team, namely, Kristin Chenoweth and Regina Dowling.  Charles was a television producer at the NBC station in Oklahoma City during the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.  During that time, Charles created innovative new television programming, including the only live television program for kids in America, TV Made From Scratch with a 16 year old as the show’s host.  Charles is the creator and will act as the executive producer for the Opening Night America television series and he developed the business model for the Opening Night Enterprises multi-media project.  In addition to being one of the Company’s Managers, Charles also serves as the Company’s CEO.

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