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Opening Night Enterprises, LLC





OPENING NIGHT ENTERPRISES, LLC (ONE LLC) is creating an exciting new opportunity and pathway to success for creative teams and their new musicals. Through the marketing and promotional power of television, this brand new, unscripted competition TV series aims to cultivate awareness and potential future audiences for our three creative teams and their original musicals. 


Each week under the mentorship of a panel of musical theatre royalty, our creative teams are put to the test as they workshop key elements of their exciting and diverse musicals. TV audiences will see the creative process through highlights as each musical is developed from the original pitch of the story including showcasing songs, scenes, new choreography and casting. As a result, ONE LLC believes that audiences will fall in love with the passion and dreams of our three creative teams and their musicals and will want to see these musicals on stage following the TV series. The TV series will provide them with name recognition while paving the way for each musicals success on the live stage. In addition, each musical has the potential of a Broadway run!

"OPENING NIGHT AMERICA" is creating this exciting new opportunity so creatives have the opportunity to get their musicals seen through a never been done before TV series and help set them up for success through mentorship from the best in the business.

ONE LLC believes the marketing and advertising power of television will create loyal fans for both the creative teams and their new musicals. These loyal fans who will get to know the teams and highlights of their musicals and the creative process, will want to see these teams and their musicals become successful.


OPENING NIGHT AMERICA’S TV audience may even be given the opportunity to purchase-tickets in advance to see each of the three musicals following the TV series at select theatres in the US. 

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