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A love letter to musical theatre. This comedy, with an all female cast, is stuffed with endless jokes, satire and songs as we celebrate a woman who shows us all that no matter what the obstacle is, if you truly believe in something - never give up.  

The Kings Critique - Music Highlights
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The Story

The King's Critique, a love letter to musical theatre, is filled with endless jokes and songs that celebrate the story of a woman who just won't quit. 


In a twist on Shakespearean tradition, this all-female musical comedy satirizes a male-dominated society that views equality as suppression. 


In a forest clearing, a group of women gathers to retell the story of Josephine, the first woman who dared perform before a misogynistic king. Her performance is so utterly offensive to his idiotic royal sensibility that everyone involved in the troupe are banished. With the help of a witch’s makeshift plan, Josephine and her fellow actor Sebastian, a wild-card and a cad, must disguise themselves and sneak back into the kingdom. Of course, nothing goes as planned and things only get worse, and funnier. 


To pull this off, in a situation where nothing is as it laughably appears, they must also save the theatre in order to fool the King. 


Josephine persists until she's accepted and not only saves her beloved friends and art form, but improves it and carries it, kicking and screaming, into the future.

-Eric Holmes, Music - The Kings Critique
"It's just fun! Honestly, like it has a lot to say about putting people in boxes and breaking barriers and finding your voice and making your stance and making your mark as an artist and as a human."


Eric Holmes, Book and Lyrics & Nat Zegree,

Music and Lyrics

Cast Members Robert Toms & Emily Rozman

Cast members Robert Toms & Emily Rozman rehearse with

Nat Zegree

The Kings Critique cast in rehearsal.

Nat Zegree leads a music rehearsal.

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