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Meet the Creative Team

Video: Opening Night America's Regina Dowling interviews Legends of Arahma's creative team Joseph Purdue and Dries Janssens

Joseph Purdue is the composer and lyricist of Legends of Arahma, and is from the United Kingdom. Currently he has written three original musicals, including Catfish and Unfolding Tales. As a freelance composer and arranger his works have been performed in London, featuring top West End performers. Joseph’s love for film and musical scores began during his college years, especially Disney animations. The works of Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz had a profound influence on him, as well as James Horner, Hans Zimmer, and John Williams. His passion for lush orchestral film scores can be heard in his work for Legends Of Arahma. After hearing early samples of the score, Stephen Schwartz graciously offered to meet with him to discuss the 'craft' of writing lyrics. It was an invaluable experience for this composer. Joseph hopes to bring joy with his music and inspire other writers, the way his idols inspired him.

Joseph Purdue

Music and Lyrics

Dries Janssens is the writer and co-lyricist of Legends Of Arahma. He conceived the concept for the musical in 2017 and spent several months mapping out the story piece by piece before approaching Joseph Purdue with the question of composing the music. Dries and Joseph went on to write the first draft of the entire show in just four months, and then record a concept album. A concert version of Legends Of Arahma was produced at Central Studio in Basingstoke, UK. Dries also developed the concept and co-wrote the book and lyrics for 'V For Victory', a musical set in the Second World War. It premiered in London at the Stockwell Playhouse, continued at the Hope Theatre, and a new production is currently being planned.

Dries Janssens

Book and Lyrics

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