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Follow the life of a young black ballet dancer with big dreams of living his passion and becoming a rap artist. Should he follow his heart even though he will disappoint those who love him the most? 

Once Upon A Rhyme Music Highlights
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The Story

ONCE UPON A RHYME is a tale about an eccentric high school ballet dancer named Prince Harper who uses his love of hip hop to gain acceptance from his black peers. In an attempt to gain a coveted record deal, Prince creates a gangster rapper alter-ego, loses himself, and quickly spirals out of control. Will his new alter ego lead to his demise? Or will Prince realize that his authentic self is enough? With jaw-dropping dance breaks and an infectious score that fuses hip-hop, soul, R&B, gospel and classic Broadway, this award winning musical, which explores identity, race, and culture, promises to leave audiences uplifted and inspired! 

- Ronvé O'Daniel, Book, Lyrics and Music, Once Upon A Rhyme.
"Rhyme is about a protagonist who is a rapper and a ballet dancer who struggles to get comfortable in his own skin and seeks to find the love within himself to allow himself to pursue both careers and feel comfortable with that."


Ronvé O'Daniel - (Music, Book and Lyrics)


Once Upon a Rhyme - (Staged Reading)

Ronvé O'Daniel & J Kyle Manzay in rehearsal

Once Upon A Rhyme's Creative Team - Jevares Myrick, Ronvé O'Daniel and J Kyle Manzay at the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival Gala.

Ronvé O'Daniel, J Kyle Manzay and Jevares Myrick with the cast of Illa (former name) of Once Upon A Rhyme.

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