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This fantasy adventure takes you on a journey to a magical new world with humanoids, heroes and heroines, where despite challenges and hardships along the way, evil never has the last word.

Legends - Music Highlights
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The Story

Venture to a lost world full of peril, deception, mystery and magic. Legends Of Arahma is an epic musical tale of four volunteers – conflicted outcasts who become the defenders of a dying world.

During a dark age, a lost adventurer named Copernicus Danbury wakes up in the mystical world of

Arahma. He is found by the Kalani tribe, who welcome him into their village. Rumors reach him

concerning his long-lost father, and in search of answers, he agrees to be trained in combat.

For years now, the cursed warlord Zoran has dreamed of conquering the realm – some say she is

driven by the betrayal of an old friend, others tell a different tale. Following an ambush of her

making, Copernicus and his three fellow volunteers set off on a perilous quest to find hope. However,

time is short, for Zoran's full strength has been gathered and war is inevitable.

With the wisdom of a princess, the lessons of a masterful warrior and the loyalty of a best friend,

Copernicus seeks to conquer his fear. For if the prophecy is true, only he can defeat Zoran in battle,

and protect a beautiful green world from destruction.

- Nathan Deane, Founder, Have Fun Productions 
"One of the most inventive and original new musicals I've listened to in a while. The concert performance was spectacular and the show is so epic and majestic from start to finish."


Dries Janssens (Book and Lyrics) and Joseph Purdue, (Music and Lyrics)

Legends of Arahma - Cast

Joseph Purdue - concept CD release

Legends Cast - Rehearsal

Legends Cast - Staged Reading

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