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Project Snapshot

Please See Our "About" Page For Additional  Project Info.

Aspiring playwrights, composers and lyricists ("creative teams") face many challenges in introducing their original musicals to audiences, financiers and others necessary to bring their musicals to the live stage.  ​


Opening Night Enterprises LLC, aims to capitalize on the marketing and promotional power of television to cultivate awareness and potential future audiences for creative teams and their original musicals via OPENING NIGHT AMERICA, a new unscripted competition television series.


TV audiences have a backstage pass to the creative process as they watch singers, actors and dancers showcase these original musicals songs, scenes and choreography, as the creative teams are mentored by a panel of industry experts who workshop highlights of these diverse original musicals. Provided adequate investment can be raised and sufficient audience interest garnered, the TV series will be followed by live stage productions of each of the four musicals in select regional theatres across the US. 

Invest Now Buttn

“This Reg A+ offering is made available through Jumpstart Securities, LLC.  This investment is speculative, lIquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment.

Reasons to Invest

  • You are investing in the future of FOUR original musicals.

  • Because of your investment, this unique project may generate new opportunities for the musical theatre community through its creation of hundreds of jobs for singers, actors, dancers, technical and ancillary support staff.

  • Your investment may make it possible for millions of viewers to have a backstage pass as they watch the creative process and learn how musicals are made.

  • Your investment may provide us the opportunity to place all four musicals at select regional theatres immediately following the airing of the TV series.

This investment is speculative liquid and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of your entire investment. this Reg A+ offering is made possible by Jumpstart Securities, LLC.

Potential Return On Investment

  • The net revenue generated from the TV series

  • Advance ticket sales during the TV series for four regional productions

  • Ongoing Box Office revenue for regional productions for some or all of the four musicals

  • Consumer Products Including:

    • Cast albums from the live stage productions of each musical

    • Musical branded products (e.g.; t shirts, mugs, programs, etc.)

    • Ancillary media exploitation revenue (such as potential motion picture and scripted TV productions of one or more musicals)

    • Music streaming services

  • ​Potential Broadway run for each musical

Please see the FAQ page for additional details.

Your Investment Plays An Important Role

Opening Night Enterprises, LLC (ONE, LLC) is seeking to raise up to $50M (via sale of 100,000 Units). The minimum initial investment required to join this offering is $500.00 (which equals one unit) Fractional units may also be made available to qualifying investors investing more than the minimum initial investment amount of $500.00. 


For more information on ONE, LLC and this securities offering, click on the links below to download and review the Offering Circular via the SEC’s EDGAR database. ALL POTENTIAL INVESTORS SHOULD REVIEW The Offering Circular PRIOR TO MAKING AN INVESTMENT.

Opening Night Enterprises 


Management Team

Our management team and creative staff are highly experienced in the world of musical theatre, television, film and arts management and are ideally suited to lead OPENING NIGHT AMERICA to become a successful enterprise. 


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